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and there are many paths to tread

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Name:the duchess
Birthdate:Feb 14
Location:Virginia, United States of America
the duchess. thirty-something. grad student. fangirl. writer. musician. font of useless information. progressive. baby medievalist. book lover. liberal jew. aquarius. often mistaken for a hobbit. denethor apologist. in love with gondor. southern belle. new orleanian in spirit. pope parallel park i (elected in abstentia by adoration). gluten free. often the wrong kind of femme. +3 ranged weapon bonus. wearing an invisible crown. secretly jamie bamber on the internet. nerd with serious geek cred. addicted to white boards. aspiring anne boleyn. sometimes gothling. baby ballerina (in training or wishful thinking). makes all kinds of sense.

the space. obsessions. projects. musings. wibbling. rants, rants, rants. food. life. writing. school, school, school. gondor. age of sail. mental health. music (high-brow, low-brow, and in-between). love, 31 flavours and then some. books. life of the mind. religion (practiced and studied). history. 221b baker st. hampton court. swishy coats. travel. scarves. pie. ballet. nureyev. new orleans. funerals and other fun (like plagues). black tie optional, glitter encouraged, maturity mandatory. laissez les bon temps rouler.

friends only. comment to be added.

Interests (143):

18th century, 19th century, a sense of wonder, abominations unto nuggan!, academia, adventures, age of sail, alternate histories, alternate realities, anne boleyn, art, ballet, being a princess, being difficult, birds, black death, blue jean femme, boys in books, cats, cello, cemeteries, choral music, classical music, coldplay, colonial history, cooking, corsets, costume drama, cult of the saints, dance, decadence, denethor, doctor who, dressing like i'll have to run from the daleks, elegance, elves, emotional honesty, faerie, fair trade, fairy tales, feminism, fiber crafts, finding home, firebirds, folk music, ghosts, gluten free, gluten-free, gondor, graduate school, graveyards, handel's messiah, historical costuming, history, hoodoo, horatio hornblower, iowa, israel, ivory-towered intellectualism, jazz, jewellery, jrr tolkien, judaism, knitting, lord of the rings, lotr, love across universes, love across worlds, madman with a box, magic, makeup, master and commander, middle ages, minas tirith, music, my other life, my secret life, mythology, nail polish, new orleans, night driving, non-ordinary reality, not-so-imaginary friends, old books, other worlds, other worlds than these, peacock feathers, peacocks, perfume, piano, pirates of the caribbean, plague, quoting sue perkins, reading, really good coffee, regency house parties, religion, religious studies, revolutionary war, road trips, role playing, roses, rubber duckies, rudolf nureyev, russia, russian, secretly being the anti-pope, shakespeare, sharpe, sherlock, sherlock holmes, sindarin, spinning, st augustine, st roch, star trek, stars, tarot, tea, teaching, the civil war, the french quarter, the imperial troika, the imperium, the soviet union, the tudors, the university of iowa, thomas jefferson, time travel, travel, tudor england, used bookshops, vintage glamour, violin, vodou, walking anachronisms, walking between worlds, wandering, whimsy, william faulkner, witty repartee, words, writing
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